Our Beers

American Pale Ale

5.5% ABV

Our American Pale is a full flavoured beer. Expect a full body with mild caramel sweetness balanced with a generous amount of American hops. Stone fruit, pine and citrus are all right there at the front of the palate.

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Cali Cream

4.5% ABV

Made from local ingredients the cali cream is designed to be a light refreshing beer. Expect a light doughy yeast character, mild malt flavour and a soft floral aroma. made from 100% Australian Ingredients.

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West Coast IPA

7.5% ABV

Arguably a double IPA, expect a truckload of hop aroma and tropical fruit flavour, yet surprisingly low bitterness for a beer with a hop to beer ratio of 18g/L. If you love hops, this beer is for you!

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Milo & Oatis – Coffee Stout

7.0% ABV

We all got up to trouble when we were kids. So this breakfast stout is an homage to some classic childhood nostalgia… Milo Cereal and good old cat and dog story!

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Rye Don't Know

8.0% ABV

This 2019 Indies Gold Medal Winner is big, bold, and pack a punch! Earthy resinous flavours with a balanced finish of bitterness and hops. You’ll be suprised how smooth this goes down at 8.0% ABV.

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Brunswick Classic

4.1% ABV

Made from 100% Australian Ingredients this easy-drinking, New-World Session Ale has a light malty body and fruity hop profile. A crisp beer for hot summer days and exclusively on as a charity tap at The Hotel Brunswick.

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Wet Hop IPA

6.0% ABV

Not too many beers are made with fresh hops local to our region. So we decided to give this Wet Hop IPA a go with fresh, Brisbane Grown Cascade, Victoria and Chinook hops. Well balanced, not too bitter, and full of hop flavour!

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6.1% ABV

Zappa was certainly the king of experimentation, just check out his mashup of Purple Haze and Sunshine of Your Love. Similar is this mashup of Zappa and HPA-016 Hops. It’s our version of an experimental hazy IPA with notes of mango, grapefruit bitterness, and a citrus ZAP!

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Session IPA

4.7% ABV

Who doesn’t love a beer you can drink all day but still packs heaps of flavour? Low bitterness with lemon and lime hop profile make this a choice session beer!

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Davdison Plum Sour

5.2% ABV

This fruited sour contains local Davidson Plums from our friends at Playing With Fire. A light doughy character mixes well with the natural tartness of the plums creating a smooth, bready plum tart.

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Sieben Meile

4.7% ABV

A light and crisp, traditional spring-time, German wheat beer. Subtle notes of Banana, Clove, and Bubblegum make this one to enjoy just in time for Oktoberfest!

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