Black Lager (known in Germany as Schwarzbier) is a dark black lager made with similar ingredients to a Stout. One of the key differences is the yeast used in fermentation.

A Lager Yeast will leave the beer tasting a little "dryer" than an Ale Yeast. This makes a Schwarzbier lighter and easier drinking than your average full bodied Stout.

Expect notes of dark chocolate, coffee and earthy tones on the nose. A light bitterness is present on the palate that melds with the roasted flavours nicely. The finish is rather dry, keeping this black beer session-able for the hotter months.


ABV 4.7%
Kegs Release Only
Black Lager
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Specialty Beer
ABV 9.2%
Kegs Release Only

Belgian Tripel is a beer with roots dating as far back as 529AD. A beer traditionally brewed by Trappist Monks, it was more commonly referred to as XXX. The big Brother of a Dubbel (XX) and the little brother of a Quad (XXXX), the Tripel finds its home as a approachable after dinner digestif.

Traditionally served as a 150ml pour, this beer is a replacement to desert wine, or mild liqueurs. Expect big notes of rasin, banana, cinnamon, clove, coriander, cumin, white pepper and feijoa.

Take this one slow, as it is meant to be savored not skålled.

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This beer is an enigma. Made from 10 different malts and a hop blend known as Fortnight, no one knows exactly what to call it.

Rich and malty, yet bitter and resinous this beer is certainly a heavy hitter. Coming in at 8% you will want to take a seat while drinking, and perhaps even a nap.

Expect flavours of rye, caramel, pine and earthy undertones. 

ABV 8%
Double IPA
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Hazy Session IPA
ABV 4.4%
Kegs Release Only

The Summer Pash is a new-world style of beer. With a deep haze it looks like a glass of tropical fruit juice. The huge amount of hop oils in this beer means head retention is minimal, adding to the juice-like appearance.

We added some fresh QLD Mangoes and passion fruit pulp to our fermentation process to help lift the fresh fruity characters of the five different hop varieties used in this beer.

Expect a lot of fresh passion fruit character, a subtle helping of mango on the nose and a full and smooth mouthfeel. The low bitterness levels make this beer approachable for drinkers who maybe don't always like the hop profile or bitterness of more traditional IPA styles.